The list becomes shorter

I am sorry if my postings in two languages irritate anyone. My German friends would love to read where I am and what is happening, therefore most postings will be in Afrikaans and/or English.

The to-do list is becoming shorter daily.

– The KLR is serviced and ready to go.

– I should get the sim card for the satphone today.

– My carnet de passage (customs document) should arrive today.

– The cargo ship across the Med has been confirmed today.

– The train for the transport of the KLR to Cape Town has been confirmed.

– The dentist said I should be fine with my teeth as long as I don’t eat any gravel.

What else?

I am still waiting for my passport with the visas for Egypt, Ethiopia and Tanzania. That should (must!!) be ready next week.

I foresee a problem with my luggage. SAA is very strict with the 20 kg allowance. I may not put any luggage in the panniers of the KLR for the flight to Munich. How am I going to get everything in? Exciting days lie ahead.

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