Another KLR rider wrote…

Hi Lodie,

Good luck with your adventure, this time you have a “maatjie” to share it with you !

I have just returned from a trip to Caborra Bassa on my KLR.  This was my first overland trip on a motorcycle. We rode dirt all the way to the lake.

At the beginning of my trip the other ‘’ou’s’ laughed at my bike, as they were riding KTM, New Yamaha ect;- THIS WAS THE ONLY BIKE THAT DID NOT GIVE ANY TROUBLE OR USE ANY OIL !!

Good luck!


The bridge over the river Save on the way home.


Lunch time

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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1 Response to Another KLR rider wrote…

  1. Wynand says:

    Don’t pay attention to KTM’ers. Most have a chip on the shoulder. KLR’s are bulletproof and the best value for money today.

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