The KLR is on its way to Cape Town

This morning I got the KLR back after its service at CyTech. As usual Ray Muller and his son Donovan had a few surprises in store. I saw a cable running from the engine to the handle bars without any logical use. They attached a second clutch cable parallel to the present one so that one can install it within minutes should the old one break.

Again I realised what the value is of experience. Those two travelled many thousands of kilometers in Africa. They know what works. The only new ‘gadget’ on the bike are two water containers attached to the back of the side panniers. If all goes well I want to venture deeper into the Nubian desert. Any extra water would help a lot.

Normally CyTech is flooded with BMW’s standing around. This morning there were only KLR’s. There were two KLR that were fitted and upgraded to the fullest. They looked mean!

The ride through the CBD of Johannesburg to the Park Station was relaxed. I saw quite a lot of cars and taxi’s with the South African flag. One could feel the vibe building up to the 2010 FIFA championships.

The Park Station was a surprise. it was clean, neat, functioning with friendly staff. It took only a few minutes to get the KLR onto the train and tied up. Saturday at 15:15 it should arrive in Cape Town.

One week and two days …

The two meanest looking KLR's I have ever seen. They were 705 cc's.

Ray Muller (left) and Keat. Our KLRs are standing at the right.

Safely secured in the train, ready for the trip to Cape Town.

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1 Response to The KLR is on its way to Cape Town

  1. Minette says:

    Ons sien uit om weer die toer (so via die blog) saam met jou mee te maak! Wanneer kom die KLR Kanada toe?! Hier is sneeu en koue…dit sal ook ‘n uitdaging wees! Ons glo en bid dat hierdie toer net so voorspoedig en vol mooi ervarings sal wees.

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