Leaving on a jetplane…

Tomorrow morning I am leaving via Abu Dabi to Germany. The plane leaves Cape Town at 09.45 and I should arrive in Frankfurt on Saturday at 06:30. It is going to be a long flight.

There are many people that helped me to realise this wonderful dream in so many ways that it would be unfair to single out any names, but I have to.

The first people I want to mention, are my colleagues at FSA Youth Exchange, Bronley and Suzanne. Bronley stands in for me while I am away. Bron, thank you so much!! You are a very special colleague. Suzanne, adrenaline junkie, I need not to say much. You were there from my first trip and you are still hanging in. Thank you for the loyalty and your friendship and especially that I always can reckon on you.

My colleagues in Germany, Petra, Nicole, Sara, I do appreciate your patience during my absence, and for your priceless assistance to Bronley.

My neighbours, Herman and Gerda Lubbe from Naboomspruit, who are watching over my house and keeping everything at my house going. Thank you so much!

Willie and Cathy Beukes from Naboomspruit, thank you for all the wonderful farewell meals and breakfasts that we had and for taking me to the airport in Johannesburg. Your friendship is special.

Rina Dreyer, thank you for the design of my stickers, Greg, Jetline Lynnwood, for the printing of it, Elmie Henning for the fridge magnets and for driving so many kilometers to help Keat and myself with the right tools, Anja Lubbe from Germany for the malaria tablets and the O2 internet, Rosi and Günther in Langenselbold for my home away from home, Helen Robb for the special diary, Karen Hayes for the vuvuzela (which is going with on the trip!), Gerda Lombard and her family for their kindness, they know why, Annami Mailovich for her great PRO work done for Operation Smile and lastly my father and sisters for their many prayers for the son and brother who is causing them so many grey hairs!

To all the readers of the blog, for spreading any positive news, thank you! We can win, we will win. It is worth the struggle to continue living in this wonderful, sad country.

To all the past and future donors, your names are on the website http://www.naboom2germany.co.za, thank you so much for helping restoring humanity in young lives. Till the day those kids die, their smiles will be a monument to you.

And lastly, even if many people and scientists doubt that, I believe there is a mighty God. I experienced his protection and love, I still do, and I know that this ride will be to His glory, doesn’t matter what happens.

I look forward to be back in South Africa during August, when Namaqualand is covered with the beautiful flowers!

If you want to know where my last position was, go to my website http://www.naboom2germany.co.za and click on Map or Kaart,

Now the best part of Ride for a Smile is going to start!! Speak to you soon again!


“Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house … let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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3 Responses to Leaving on a jetplane…

  1. Petro Botes says:

    Baie sterkte. Ek glo dit sal goed gaan & ja, die resultate sal al die struikelblokke die moeite werd maak. Ek hoop daar kom ‘n volgende boek uit! Die eerste een was ‘n belewenis. Petro

  2. Christina says:

    Wow wow wow!! Die oomblik is hier!
    Jy is veilig in Sy hande. Gaan en geniet die voorreg om die kanaal van Sy liefde aan soveel mense te wees wat Hy oor jou pad gaan bring in die volgende paar maande. Seen vir jou ou Lodie!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Dankie, jy is ons inspirasie!

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