Arrived in Germany

Any intercontinental flight is a tiring experience. Fellow travellers can make it worse, or better. I had the privilege to travel with three wonderful Germans all the way from Cape Town to Frankfurt, a 21 hour trip via Abu Dabi. Sabine and Wolfgang were in South Africa to do extra flying to keep their pilot’s licences. Yvonne was for fourteen months in Cape Town to do a photography course and to surf.. With their company the 21 hour trip felt like a trip down the road. I even had the privilege to get the poem “Schritte” from Hermann Hesse downloaded for me. I will translate that into Afrikaans later. It is a striking poem about what we all are doing, travelling. Thank you Yvonne. I know I am going to see all three in South Africa when they will come to visit me.

Yvonne, Sabine and Wolfgang

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