Pulheim’s warm heart

Dieter and Dorothée Moritz, in the middle, with their children Pauline and Martin next to them, and Christof and Sara.

Sarah and Christof

Dieter and Dorothée celebrated the 30th anniversary of their wedding day on Friday

I was in Pulheim close to Cologne on Friday. My old friends Dieter and Dorothée Moritz celebrated the 30th anniversary of their wedding day. Many friends joined in the happy occasion. Dorothée used the occasion to motivate their friends to contribute to the fund raising for Operation Smile. The amount of R 3 781.00 was raised!

Dorothée and Dieter and all your wonderful friends, thank you so much! We are on our way to the 6th child!

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2 Responses to Pulheim’s warm heart

  1. Minette says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! What a big celebration.

    • Dorothee says:

      Thank you! When I’m still alive, it would be great to congratulate you in 2039!!

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