Ah Mister, ze ship!

Patience is the mother of all virtues.

True. Especially if one has to travel across two continents to get to a city more than a continent away within a certain period of time.

Let me describe what has happened to far regarding the cargo ship that will take me to Haifa. Let me write it in the African idiom so that you can relate to the situation. (African idiom = Italian laid-back attitude)

“Good morning! When is the SPES due to arrive?”

“Ah, de ship! Yes, it is coming.”


“Eish! We are not sure but it is coming.” (They didn’t use ‘Eish’ only because they don’t know about the existence of the word)

“So, I can wait here at the harbour with my motorbike?”

“Eish, it is coming but not today. maybe not even tomorrow. But it is coming.”


“I don’t know, but not now.”

“Eish! I have to get to Haifa.”

“Sure sure, the ship will take you to Haifa.”

“But not today or tomorrow?”

“Si si signore!”

They could see the blank expression on my face and tried to cheer me up.

“Signore, enjoy the weekend!”

I tried my best not to let my shoulders hang as I walked back to the KLR.

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5 Responses to Ah Mister, ze ship!

  1. Bradley Timm says:

    BRILLIANT! Thanks for the smile…one thing at least, you know it has not been hijacked, and it WILL come. Sterkte and Lekker naweek.

  2. Anoniem says:

    Die hemel is blou, die sonnetjie se strale is warm na die koue sneeu en die see verskaf ‘n rustigheid as jy net ‘n kopskuif maak ! Alles binne bereik van ‘n gedagte !!!! STERKTE !

  3. Marieta says:

    Geduld ou maat. Jy weet darem dat die skip sal arriveer. Sterkte!

  4. Des & Pieter says:

    Kyk met geloof en reis ligvoets voort….. dit erens gelees……

  5. Dorothee says:

    ” ANYTIME FROM NOW!!” Dieser Spruch gilt nicht nur in Afrika!!!:) Sorry for you! Geniet die warm son van die Middellandse see:)

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