Ze ship, signore, ze ship

Ze ship is on ze way!

It should be here on Wednesday. At last there is now a fixed day.

Believe me, the voyage on a normal cargo ship is going to be interesting. We are going to have a general direction, Haifa in Israel, but cargo underway will chop and change the schedule and direction.

The only schedule is no schedule.

Use the map on http://www.naboom2germany.co.za to see where we docked on the way to Haifa.

I have to go. It is nearly 3:30 PM and it is time for my daily espresso. Italian espresso.

More than ever beforeI am a tramp with a motorbike.

Arri vederci!

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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1 Response to Ze ship, signore, ze ship

  1. Makkie says:

    Daar kry jy toe onverwags geleentheid om ‘n paar nuwe plekke te besoek. Geniet die verskillende koffiekroee.
    Elke nuwe dag het altyd iets besonders om saam te neem.

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