I tried very hard but couldn’t restrain me …

I know all the rules from the manual regarding border posts and those “officials” working there.
I know one has to keep his cool, even if the “officials” act like idiots.
I tried my utmost best today. I counted to ten in Greek, prayed the roserary in Russian, thought with affection of Julius Malema, remembered with fondness the uphill battle waiting with the Sudanese visa, and then I profoundly swore at the ship officials and Greek immigration officials.
I never swore at anyone during the 2008 trip. I never called anyone an idiot in his face. I did it today.
And they deserved it.
I look forward to get off the ship in Haifa in 2 – 3 days’ time, that is if they don’t kick me off the ship tonight.

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8 Responses to I tried very hard but couldn’t restrain me …

  1. Bradley Timm says:

    It must be because you had good thoughts about Julius – blinde sweep! Just joking. About to settle down and watch the Bulls win at Soweto. God Bless

  2. Gerda Lombard says:

    Het al so gewonder hoe dit gaan. Het tog te lekker gelag, kan my nie voorstel dat jy dit gedoen het nie! Hou duimvas dat jy end uit op die boot sal kan bly met jou houding!!! Sterkte vir die volgende 2 tot 3 dae!

  3. No condemnation vir jou brother!
    Soos ‘n pel van my nou die dag se: ” Hy kom agter hy is darem nie heeltemal blind vir ‘n ander ou se ‘blind spots’ nie, hehe!

    Chill, skep moed, vat spoed, CT wag vir jou!
    Sterkte Lodie!

  4. Marieta says:

    Sterkte! Dit was nogal snaaks om te lees – ek verbeel my mos jy is verhewe bo sulke gevoelens.

  5. Des & Pieter says:

    All I can say is “vasbyt” – and you are capable of that!!! In SA all is well – Bulls won, Malema is quiet (although he sings “kiss the Boer” now) and Naboom got rain this weekend. So, all in all, things are not looking bad…. Sterkte vir jou!!

  6. Heheee! Waar is Marizanne nou?

  7. Marizanne says:

    Ek is hier, Lizelle. Net hier 🙂

  8. Ja julle twee AoH-dames, die dag sal nog kom dat julle ook soos ek gaan kwaad word op so ‘n lang reis, en dan Marizanne, kan ek nie wag om die gevleuelde woorde uit jou mond te hoor nie 🙂 Ek dink nogal jy het die potensiaal daarvoor. Mis julle twee op die ry.

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