Wadi Halfa, Sudan

I am sorry to have this post only in English. Internet is a problem here and it is so hot one can sit only for a few minutes. The KLR is still not here. It should arrive at 5 this afternoon at the little harbour. My plan is to leave tomorrow before sunrise to cover as much distance as possible before 10 AM. I am not going to use the new road to Khartoum. The plan is to visit the people I met on the old desert track the previous two years and to hand out some photographs.

The death of the Italian overlander is sad.  They were 12 Italians who started down the west coast of Africa. They made it to South Africa and turned north up the eastern side of the continent. In Addis Ababa 4 members quitted and flew back home. They were then only 8 left over. On Monday the one died. They were then only 7 left over.

Today they had lunch at the same shack as I. They sat together at one long table.  One person sat at each head of the table, 3 at the one side, 2 at the other side. The 8th chair in the middle of the 2 was empty, in honor of the dead friend.

I had such a lump in my throat on seeing it.

I won’t have internet again until at least the weekend, if everything goes according to plan. The next 3, 4 days are going to be hot and hard.

The amount of luggage carried by the people and brought on board was incredible.

The lady in black

She stood there waiting, while porters carried one piece agter the other to the boat.

Making new friends on the ferry

It was so hot that most carried their beds into the open and slept ouside.

Wadi Halfa is so hot and windy and desert at its worst.

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