Awassa, Ethiopia

Good afternoon!

This is a quick post before the internet disappears for a while.

I left Addis Ababa later than planned. The country is NOT on the last spot of my list of popular destinations anymore. I had had so many wonderful experiences the last few days, and I am glad about it. This wonderful country really has so much to offer!

If I use my experiences of this year you will not guess which country is now bottom on my list.  Switzerland.

I had a wonderful ride from Addis to Awassa. It was green, there was a lot of rain, and I hardly heard the single cylinder of the KLR. I had the feeling as if we were just gliding without any effort down the road. What a bike! I still had not to add any oil.

Today the people were selling red onions (mountains of the stuff), potatoes, bananas, knives and handcarved chairs next to the road. I passed a few of the lakes of this area, but due to the clouds the water looked murky.

When was the last time I saw the sun? Last week I still was in summer, now I am in the Ethiopian winter.

Although I am still on the northern hemisphere and although it should be summer here all the Ethiopians call this their winter.  So, teachers, don’t teach your learners that the seasons on the northern hemisphere are opposite of ours on the southern hemisphere.  And don’t tell them one can see the Southern Cross only on the southern hemisphere.

And then I saw the first overweight Ethiopian today …

All in all I am still enjoying the long ride home. I look forward to getting to Cape Town and then the long haul back to Limpopo, to Naboomspruit.

Thanks for all the recent donations to Operation Smile. I hope to update the website with those donations when I reach Nairobi.

Please, continue donate to Operation Smile (all details on and please please book your place for the fund raising dinner on 18 September. It is going to be a lekker boeremakietie!

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.”  Baie dankie Ronelle!

Have a great weekend!

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