The people I meet, and Jacky.

While one is travelling the most interesting people cross your way. Most of them one will never see again, but the memories will stay forever.

There were quite a number of overlanders at Jungle Junction in Nairobi. Let me introduce you to two of them.

Markus Wade is a Canadian, also riding  a KLR. He sold his house in Canada and started riding thirteen months ago. He rode south across North and South America, flew over to South Africa and is on his way up north.

His bike already shows the signs of a hard and long journey, but, as it being a KLR, it will continue until he gets home home day. One day? Who cares when ‘one day’  is?

His philosophy is quite clear: “Wisdom is found in all places, and all places are within.”

Tomorrow we will leave together, turning left out of the gate of Jungle Junction, and 100 m further at the stop street I will turn left and he right. Overlanders meet and depart.

This is the faithful KLR of Markus, named Kate. Coincidence. I completed a second book called Kate, the untold story of my 2008 ride. Wait for it …

My KLR underwent a thorough inspection and service. The result: It is ready to go around the world! Christopher Handschuh, left, is the owner of Jungle Junction and a genius with motorbikes. Jeremiah on the right is master junior, one of the best mechanics I’ve ever met. He featured already in articles in motorcycle magazines.

And this is jacky, 16 years old. Jacky spent his life with Wim and Ellen Maas of the Netherlands.

Jacky is already old. When they left on their long ride down the west coast of Africa they took Jacky with. They knew the chances were good that Jacky wouldn’t live forever and would perhaps go to greener dog pastures during the long trip. Then at least they were with Jacky until the end.

But Jacky had other intentions.

He is still alive. By being alive Jacky forced Wim and Ellen now to change their route up the east side of Africa. Jacky may not go into Egypt, therefore Wim and Ellen have now to go around Egypt and must try and get visa for Saudi Arabia, which isn’t easy. But they love Jacky and will do it with the greatest love.

Here at Jungle Junction Jacky’s patch crossed with a big dog, and big dog didn’t like small dog, and Jacky got attacked. Jacky had to go for an operation and had to stay for a few days at the vet clinic. We all shared in the tears of Wim and Ellen. Tonight Jacky is back at his Land Rover, happy to be re-united with his loved ones, and ready to force many more changes to their itinerary!

Hamba kahle Jacky!

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