More donations

I do miss the open roads of Africa and the days and weeks and months of riding on my KLR.

I received three donations for Operation Smile the last two weeks. Two donations came from our exchange pupils and one huge donation of R 8 000.00 from Mrs Isabel Rheeder, an old friend of my teaching days.

The total amount raised now is R 136 738.00. That means 24.86 children can be operated thanks to you.  Another R 762.00 would mean 25 children…

I wish I could pack my bags and go and live in Northern Tanzania next to the small river under the fever trees and next to the crocodiles.

I will let know before I disappear 🙂



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1 Response to More donations

  1. Emil says:

    Ek verstaan, Lodie. Krokodille is opregter (meer opreg?) as baie mense en hulle stel minder eise.

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