On the Long Way Home

Good evening from Zambia!

Gone is the fast internet. Tonight’s post will be short and dull. Please excuse that. We are … in Africa J

We had a good ride today and are already nearly 1 000 km away from Lake Malawi.

Yesterday at Kate’s church the KLR refused to start again. I had to get off all the luggage. It was a loose wire at the fuses that caused the delay.

Today in the mountains there was an accident. The trailer of a huge truck jack-knifed and blocked the whole road. On the one side was solid rock, on the other side a deep gorge. No traffic could pass. We walked the KLRs through the narrow gap that was left between the trailer and a drop of at least 100m. Eeton told me tonight the back wheel of my KLR slipped a bit on the verge of the drop. Fortunately I haven’t noticed it at the time. We have that on video. I look forward to seeing it.

The sub-titles of the other photo’s will explain what they were about.

Die ry was so lekker. Binne die volgende dag of wat skei ek en Eeton se paaie. Dan is elkeen weer op sy eie tot by die huis. Die klein stukkie Afrika was heerlik. Hoe meer mens beleef, hoe minder kan jy vertel.


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1 Response to On the Long Way Home

  1. Maryna says:

    PRAGTIGE lowergroen foto by Zebra’s !!

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