On my own again

Good evening from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe!

In Zimbabwe the bush is still green, the roads still good (except in Bulawayo), the people as friendly as ever, the road from Vic Falls south is now a toll road where motorcycles pay ZERO US $, and one can buy Zambezi Lager again. And they adopted the US dollar as currency. That is/was strange to buy a tin of cool drink literally in the bush and you have to pay in Dollar.

It is raining very hard in the north. Just north of Hangwe the road was flooded and the KLR had to tiptoe through the quit deep water.

Eeton and I had to say goodbye this morning. He was a very good and pleasant riding companion. Hamba kahle.

We enjoyed camping south of Lusaka.

We met this German couple on our way south. They are travelling already 3 and a half years. They come from Siegen! (Anja can you believe that!?)

The next two photographs show how it looks from a bike while riding through the villages.

Eeton at our last camping site next to the Zambezi.

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  1. Ek en Ernst wil die een klaarmaak dan vat ons saam nog een saam met jou hoe klink dit ;want ek wil nog as die HERE wil england toe ry.

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