When I see my KLR I think of rhinos.

Yesterday my heart was touched by a young rhino bull with the name Jomo.

Jomo’s family was butchered by poachers a few months ago. His little brother was found, stuck in trees, dead.

Selomie Maritz, an activist against rhino poaching, discovered that Jomo was to be auctioned. One of the potential buyers was a man arrested for rhino poaching …

With the help of a foreigner Selomie rescued and bought Jomo. Two weeks ago Jomo was delivered to the wilderness area where Selomie is busy creating a sanctuary for rhinos. Jomo was kept in a boma to get accustomed to his new environment. The last few nights in the boma Jomo made crying sounds. Selomie pitched her small tent next to the boma and slept there so that she could speak to him when he was in distress.

On Sunday I got a message from Selomie: Jomo was to be let out from the boma. I followed her invitation to see this young bull released back into the wild.

While riding there I had enought time to think. Both the KLR and a rhino are ugly beasts. Both are pre-historic. Both managed to survive the pressure from an environment expecting more and more. Until now. Now the KLR has a better chance to survive, even with its out-dated brakes and carburettor engine.

After a long struggle to get Jomo out of the boma I realised what human beings were doing to these animals. We kill and butcher and maim these animal for a horn. A traumatised Jomo slowly walked closer to the other rhinos, and they accepted him. The next morning he still was with the other rhinos.

I want to use my KLR to create a bigger awareness that rhinos need our help. How? I still do not know. Now I need the creative energy from people like Emil. I want to design a sticker for KLR riders that want to support the campaign. How can one use KLR in such a sticker? The K could be killing, the R rhinos.

Let’s see with what we can come up. Let the one beast help the other one.

(You can click on the thumbnail to get a bigger picture)

On my way into the Waterberg. I decided to use this picture as my desktop background.

This cow is going to have a young one during January.

I took shelter at the Landcruiser for just in case ... 🙂

In her efforts to get Jomo out of the boma Selomie had to get out of the way quite often. He loved charging at anyone close by.

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  1. Makkie says:

    Voorstelle van die Hattinghs:
    Killing Loveable Rhinos
    Keep Legendary Rhinos
    Kies Lewende Renosters
    Koninklike Legendariese Renosters

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