What it takes to go around Africa …

Jolandie Rust is doing a proper preparation for her big ride when she is going to circumnavigate Africa next year.

Looking at the photographs I had to smile. How true the saying: There is no gain without pain. Jolandie took the hammering with a smile.

We came from the west towards the Kubu track and that included a bit of bundu bashing through deep sand.

Our bundu bashing tracks through the bush.

Paddling through the deep sand. On a fully-laden bike it is nearly impossible to stand upright in the sand.

We stopped. I asked Jolandie whether she was still fine, and then her foot slipped. At least that was her version of the crash. 🙂

We had to carry all our water. After the sand at the vet gate we asked this guy for a bit of water. he thought we were mad.

At the end of a long and hard riding day. We had to find a dry spot on the pans to park our bikes.

I had an upset stomach and skipped the bully beef with sweet corn, rather had a glass of red wine instead. It helped.

The damage after crash no 4 on Saturday.

I had my first crash on Sunday. It hurt (my ego!)

Resting in the shade on a dirty parking spot. We were even more dirty.

Teramycin for animals is a wonder cure when one is travelling in Africa. You can drink it as antibiotics and put it on open wounds. Yolandie treats her injury which became a bit infected after all the dirt.




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