Two busy months

There is a saying “A road to a friend’s house is never long”.

December and January were months filled with friends and hundreds and hundreds of off-road kilometres in our beautiful Limpopo region. I am going to show you some of the photographs taken on a few of those rides.

The reaction on Kate was overwhelming! Thank you for all the emails! I would have never thought that she would touch so many hearts. I am going to remove the link from the website soon.  The next would be when Kate is in book form, with a fitting epilogue.

Today in four months, if nothing unforseens happens, I should start my long ride towards Russia. That would probably my last ride on the KLR . Why? Have a look at the News link on my website (.)

Right, let’s have a look at some of the rides. You can click on the thumbnails for bigger images.

Jacques Roos, an old 4x4 friend, on his new KLR. He displayed some impressive riding skills for a newbie.

Jacques came all the way from Welkom in the Free State. I anticipated a fall in the sand. Nothing. Well done Jacques!

We stopped for a rest in the shade of some trees at the impressive entrance of the Entabeni Big Five Game Reserve.

We saw a lot of game. That is why I call living in the bushveld living in paradise!

While riding with Jacques and me Jolandie had a nasty crash in deep sand near Vaalwater.

We stood around and let the adrenaline rush go down. Still more deep sand to come ...

Frik and Neil came for a ride to Naboomspruit. We went out on the sandy lane. One went down ...

What were the guys thinking?

Diederik, Christina and Francois, three KLR friends.

Christina had a nasty fall after losing control of her bike in mud. Fortunately her injuries were not bad and she could ride back to Pretoria.

Christina all smiles after her impressive crash against the fence.

The rain caused some minor flooding of the roads, which made it more interesting for us to ride.

Neil and I on our way to Leydsdorp. It was shortly after the floods in the Lowveld.

Neil let the Tiger cool off. Or so he said. It was a hot day 🙂


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3 Responses to Two busy months

  1. Neil Buckley says:

    I will pray to all the Gods that nothing unforeseen happens and that you see your dream through! I could think of nothing better at this stage to see a triumphant Lodie De Jager in Russia on his bike 🙂

    With any luck we could sneak in a few more rides before you go.

  2. Guillaume Francois says:

    My late dad always said… “Finish what you start.”

    You planned a ride through Russia in 2008, due to unforeseen circumstances it never materialised.

    Now you are going to finish what you started then.

    May your ‘Guardian Angel’ accompany on your journey, look after you and protect you.

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