Pictures about three wonderful riding days

I am trying out something new. I try to let the photograph with its title tell the story. I do not know how much time I’m going to have in Russia later this year. Are a few photographs with title stories better than no post? What do you think?

On Wednesday I rode the Montagu Pass between Herholdt and George. On Thursday I rode the Swartberg Pass and turned off to visit Gamkaskloof (The Hell). That was a hard ride! On Thursday I rode back to the Swartberg Pass and then down to Prince Albert.

Could you get the story by means of the photographs? Remember that you can click on the thumbnails to get bigger photograps.

Regards from Willowmore!

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6 Responses to Pictures about three wonderful riding days

  1. Makkie says:

    Hou van die nuwe webbladontwerp.
    Ons kon beslis jou storie volg en ja, eerder foto’s as geen blog.
    Geniet die res van jou voorbereidings.

  2. Gerda Lombard says:

    Wat ook al vir jou die maklikste is, die fotos was “great.” Baie geniet, dit lees soos ‘n storie.

  3. Ronel says:

    Ongelooflike mooi foto’s. Lekker ry!!!!!

  4. Neil buckles says:


  5. Bradley says:

    I also think the photos tell a lot of the story (with minimal comment). I tried to keep a blog when I visited Rome recently, and it was very time consuming. Rather post photos and only comment on remarkable incidents. Lekker, en veiling ry!

  6. Guillaume Francois says:

    Die Wes Kaap bly maar ‘n mooi plek om fiets of motorfiets te gaan ry.

    Jammer dit is so vêr van Gauteng.
    (Gauteng is maar redelik plat.)

    Fotos met opskrifte lees lekkerder.

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