The village of Rhodes

Rhodes was one of the many surprises of my ride in the Eastern Cape.

Where else in our beautiful country does one find a village with the closest tar road more than 60 km away? Or a town with no street lights? I nearly lost my way to my room in the darkest of dark nights! Or where does one find a village with not enough permanent residents to fill a rugby team and the bank with substitutes? Or a town that during the rainy season could be cut off from the outside world due to impassable roads, and during winter due to meters of snow?

That is the town of Rhodes high up in the mountains just south of the border to Lesotho.

To read more about the village go to the website You’ll find fascinating information there.

I stayed at the lovely Rhodes Hotel. Annette van Zyl did miracles to the interior of the hotel and still does miracles with the food coming from the kitchen.

This is one place that I want to return to. There are still hundreds of kilometers to be discovered by bike.

I have too many photographs below but I couldn’t make my pick. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to The village of Rhodes

  1. Ronel says:

    Hi Lodie . Veilig ry en geniet.

  2. Guillaume Francois says:

    Lodie it just shows one that there are gems, in South Africa…, like Rhodes.
    One must just make the effort to go and find, visit and photograph them.

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