Katse Dam, Lesotho

On my way back home Lesotho offered the perfect opportunity to visit one of the great achievements of our South African engineers, the Katse Dam in Lesotho, and to tick off the 22nd country, in which the KLR has travelled. As we rode over the Caledon River at the Peka Bridge border post I patted the dear old bike on the tank. Well done buddy! And on Friday it will do its 89 000th km as well.

Enjoy the photographs of this beautiful country so close to us.

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4 Responses to Katse Dam, Lesotho

  1. Neil Buckley says:

    A trip we have to do 🙂

  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Dit is darem maar PRAGTIGE omgewing.
    Johan se plasie langs die Caledon is nog vars in ons geheue !
    DANKIE vir die foto’s Lodie. Veilige terug reis.

  3. Guillaume Francois says:

    A trip I did not complete in August 2011. The road was impassable by motorcycle due to heavy snow falls. (I need to complete this trip, in better weather.)
    Lodie thanks for the photographs, I must however go and take my own.
    I agree with Niel, a must do…

    • Lodie says:

      Francois, I remember your photographs of your ride last year August so well, roads covered with ice and snow. I think it was a wise decision to turn back.

      With your ride coming up in March I look forward to see what lovely unknown villages and routes you and Ben are going to discover and photograph.

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