Another Lesotho weekend

This past weekend I had to chance to do a quick trip to Lesotho, accompanied by three wonderful friends of the KLR Clan. Our destination was Katse Dam high up in the mountains. We decided to camp wild and stay in small villages along the route.

And late Saturday afternoon I made a stupid mistake and crashed quite hard on rocks. I injured my right hand and wrist and could not pick up my bike on my own. Thanks Neil for helping me picking up the Teneré!

Less than three months to go.

On Thursday I got the last vaccinations, thanks Maryna for taxiing me around! And then we visited Lara, a Russian lady with steel in her veins. Two years ago I dealt quite a lot with her about a visa for Russia. She remembered me and told me straight forward that my planned trip is mad. To stress her point she ignored us for a while and went on typing.

It will take a bit more convincing to get that visa that would be crucial for my trip.

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4 Responses to Another Lesotho weekend

  1. Johnita says:

    A very adventurous ride. Well done and thanks for sharing the beauty of the countryside!

  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Thanks again for sharing your journey and beautiful photo’s with us !

    Lodie, I know you for many years, as a tough-minded friend, not to talk about your ‘drive’ in life and your steadfast, sturdy and focalise character.
    A character that dream, aim for acheivement and make history of success !
    As part of a recent day in your life – it came to no surprize to me, that Lara (the Russian lady), found your ‘singular’ request as unfeasible.
    I hate to drop this little nugget, but a human psyche in possession of a small amount of personal experience, knowlege and ‘venture’ in nature often, feel optimistic nor inspired by the unexplored.
    Good luck to you and may all your Rusian/Siberian experience, be enjoyed by me, friends and family !

    Take Care

  3. Heidi Hoffmann says:

    Hi Lodie,
    Dankie dat ons so saam met jou op reis kan gaan, jou fotos is absoluut “stunning”!
    Wat ‘n voorreg om in hierdie land te kan bly, al sien ons dalk nie self al die mooi plekke nie!
    Sterkte en voorspoed met Lara en die Visa…
    Groete, Heidi.

  4. Gerda Lombard says:

    Ai Lodie , jy moet versigtig wees, maar soos ek jou ken, is jy sommer gou weer 100% na die val. Dankie vir die Samaritaan wat jou rondry om alles gedoen te kry. Dankie vir die fotos, dit maak die “reis” net soveel meer asof mens self daar is.

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