Operation Smile is the reason

Have you looked into a mirror today?

Did you manage to smile at the face that you saw in the mirror?

After finishing your make-up did you feel satisfied?

And then you enter a lift to your office and people decided not to look at you.

Perhaps your are still a child, going to school. At Valentine’s Day you were the only one in your class that did not get a flower or a card from an admirer, because


Would YOU be happy to live like that? David before his operation.

Dear Friends, that is what a cleft lip or a cleft palate means. That is a facial deformity that not only strips you of humanity it also poses a serious risk health. In First World Countries babies born with this deformity get operated within the first few days. In Third World Countries they would have to live with that if they were unfortunate enough to be born in poor families.

And that is where Operation Smile appears on the horizon. With the help of so many doctors and medical staff who offer their free time to operate on those children Operation Smile started rebuilding the lives of so many children.

That is why I dedicated my 2010 Ride from Germany to South Africa to Operation Smile. FSA Youth Exchange wanted to make a difference and with the help of so many wonderful people and ex-students we manged to raised enough money to send 25 children for that life-changing operation.

A new life started for David!

My 2012 ride is again dedicated to Operation Smile. I received the formal confirmation from Operation Smile just before the Easter weekend.

I am going to need YOUR support again. With many R 10 notes we are going to reach our first goal of R 80 000.00! Once we reached that we are going to aim for R 160 000.00.

No donation will be too small not to make a difference!

Soon I am going to give you the details on how to make a donation. In the mean time, start warning your friends and colleagues that you are going to start collecting R 10 notes from all of them!

2008 it was Naboom2Germany.

2010 it was Germany2Naboom.

2012 it is Siberia or bust!

Now to let you smile. I am doing this trip on my lowest budget ever. That means a lot of camping, even if it means wild in forests. I received the most wonderful invitation from Poland. A student invited me to share her room with her and her boyfriend. I could sleep on a mattress next to their bed. Am I going to take it?

YES OF COURSE! That is what life is all about.

And that is what I want to share with you again, many stories of humanity and unsung heroes reflecting on how the world should be.

And in the mean time we are raising funds for Operation Smile!

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3 Responses to Operation Smile is the reason

  1. Neil Buckley says:

    Fantastic idea, They are already apart of my Beneficiary list on my bank account. To help kids like that is to give them a smile they will appreciate forever.

    Great Cause

    • Lodie says:

      “Smile – It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.”

      Thanks Neil! Now to get the momentum going!

  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    “Your life is like a mirror, if you face it smiling, it smiles right back!”
    Nie net om in ‘n spieel te kan kyk nie, maar om met selfvertroue die lewe tegemoet te kan gaan – met ‘n ‘smile’ en aanvaarding daarvoor te kan ontvang.
    Sukses en voorspoed !

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