First national KLR bash, Gariep Dam

This past weekend we had our first national KLR get-together with KLR owners from all nine provinces of South Africa attending. The venue was the beautiful camping site at Gariep Dam in the Southern Free State.

With rain until Friday morning we expected the worst, but Fortune smiled at us and for the duration of the weekend we had sunshine and nights filled with stars.

The few photographs will tell the story of our ride there, the fun we had until it was time to pack and go home.












Photo 1. We had the first puncture a few kilometers out of Bloemfontein.
Photo 2. Jagersfontein. A sad, run-down town.
Photo 3 and 4. On the gravelroad to Gariep Dam.
Photo 5. Sunrise at Gariep Dam.
Photo 6. Some of the KLRs at the bash.
Photo 7. We were allowed to sign our names at the hotel where we had breakfast.
Photo 8 and 9. The sightseeing tour of the Gariep Dam was a highlight.
Photo 10. Ben, left, was the very capable organizer of the bash. With him Sarel and Ettiene.
Photo 11. Antoinette and Dick on their way home.

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7 Responses to First national KLR bash, Gariep Dam

  1. Neil Buckley says:


  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Hi Lodie
    Thank you for the Africa Post update, which is always something looking forward to.
    The weather the past few days has been decent for you….which is pretty clear on the photo’s.
    Seems that all the cycle trips (KLR of course)
    involve no effort to you anymore. . . that’s for sure ! By this time you are fully prepared for your Russia/Siberia tour !
    All is left now, is the final count down of a few days. . . sure to close down your check-list.
    GOOD LUCK ! ! !

  3. Makkie says:


  4. Christine Rees-Gibbs says:

    Refreshed and reinforced by the KLR brotherhood, I’m sure!

  5. Mark says:

    Wish I could have been there. Looks brilliant!

  6. I forgot to ask, your photo of the sunrise is beautiful. If you allow me to put it on my webiste under scenery of the surrounding areas, I will definately note that you were the author – regards Estelle

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