12 days, only 12 days

In 12 days’ time I leave for Windhoek to take the good old KLR to the airport.

It is time to start wrapping up.

This week brought many things to an end. Done. Over.

On Monday I got the new registration certificate for the KLR. Do you remember June 2008 when I stood at the Russian border and they wanted the registration number of the KLR on the registration certificate? I’ve got it now!

On Wednesday the bike trailer passed the RW test!

I heard only this week that the Namibian custom authority demands a Carnet de Passage for the vehicles flying from Windhoek. Within TWO days I had mine in my hands. Thanks AA of SA! Well done!

My dentist visit on Wednesday afternoon unearthed a potential problem. So on Monday I have to be back at the good and jovial Dr. Joeb.

Rina Dreyer who designed and made the big maps on my panniers way back in 2008 designed for the third time my sticker business cards for this coming trip. She and her husband Hans sent me also a dog tag with all the life-important information on it. Rina and Hans, thanks guys! I do appreciate!

What about the KLR? It is still at Cytech where Ray and Donovan Muller are making sure that it will bring me back from where ever. Last week they discovered a crack in the fuel tank. Better now than in Siberia. I am also going to test a few new things on the KLR. More about that later.

I am still busy learning the Russian alphabet. One needs a basic knowledge to recognize city or town names on road signs.

Many of the South African readers may wonder why most posts are in English now. I get daily statistics about the visitors to the blog. This year about three quarters of the visitors are from all over the world.

All the euphoria aside: I still have to find a way to get my wallet from Brussel to Germany…



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2 Responses to 12 days, only 12 days

  1. Makkie says:

    So loop die uurglas stadig maar seker leeg!

  2. Neil Buckley says:

    Cant believe it is so soon……WOW, you must be Excited, Nervous, Anxious and ready to get your wheels turning now. I hope the next 12 days goes by quick, will maje sure you leave having tasted one of SA’s best Poitjies 🙂

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