Angels, and more angels.

2008 – My ride into Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Late afternoon in Riga. I enjoyed the vibe of the city (and the soup I had for supper!)

The angels are busy.

Friday morning as I got to office there was a message from Ina Bester, a lady I haven’t met before. She wrote that she had a friend whose husband is at the South African Embassy in Brussels. She contacted her friend, and the good angel was willing to go to the airport to fetch my wallet. Yesterday afternoon Evidence Matjila did so, and tomorrow she will post it to my friends in Germany.

She didn’t want any money for the cost of getting to the airport and back but rather donated that to Operation Smile!

Thank you so much unknown Angel! You follow in the footsteps of many angels doing good to strangers.

Before she collected the wallet the man from Avis counted the money for the first time. I wasn’t looking forward to getting his message. How much money would have been taken from the wallet?

Then his email came.

There was no money missing!

There are more good people than bad people on earth! Do we celebrate it enough?

I have to quote from a post of 18 June 2010.

“Yesterday I forgot my passport with Sudanese visa in Luxor as I left for Aswan.

On my arrival in Luxor on Wednesday night the gent at the reception of the small hotel and I were not on speaking terms from the first second. He demanded to keep my passport and not only make a copy as he was supposed to do. Yesterday morning I checked out and left. Now I understand his broad smile. He knew he would see me again …

As I stopped in Aswan I suddenly realised: My passport! I went to the small place where I stayed the previous two years. The manager there is a typical Egyptian that can organize. He listened to my problem, smiled and told me not to worry, he would get my passport back.

I didn’t even know what the name of the place was where I stayed in Luxor. I showed him a photograph of the KLR in front of the place, and then he started working. Last night at ten he handed me my passport! Until then four different people handled and carried my passport in four different vehicles over the mad Egyptian road at night to Aswan. Amazing!”

I am a disaster when it comes to losing things. But fortunately there are angels!

Another angel from Riga, Latvia (that was part of the old Soviet Union) offered to give me a few Russian lessons when I get there. Thank you so much Dace!

Lastly, Operation Smile. Remember your spare R 10’s. Operation Smile knows what to do with it. To donate a green one, go to the website of FSA Youth Exchange.

8 days to go!

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4 Responses to Angels, and more angels.

  1. Johnita says:

    Time is running out and the excitement high. Our prayers will be with you all the way.

  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Whew. . . all the pieces finally fit !

    I absolutely love the ‘Riga’ photo’s, Lodie !!!

    Time for the final count down. . .

  3. theuns says:

    Enjoy every minute LODI

  4. Christine R-G says:

    Wow! An awesome helping hand came your way, Lodie. All these invisible hands leaning over to help you along……. Someone up there loves you!

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