Ride for Smiles

Operation Smile deserves our support!

I received this banner from Operation Smile yesterday. They are going to use it on their website. I love those last few words.  “…rides for smiles”

Tomorrow the check-up on the KLR will be completed and then Ray Muller will take it for its last (test) ride in South Africa. On Tuesday we leave for Windhoek. You won’t believe how excited I am! I cannot wait to load all the luggage on the bike and start riding!

Less than 12 days before the KLR hits the German Autobahn!

I decided to spoil me on this trip. I am going to take my small plunger with and wherever I rest I am going to boil water and make a good cup of coffee. I will let you know which coffee was the best 🙂

For my Afrikaans friends, WEG is so kind and like two years ago they are going to have Afrikaans contributions on their website regularly. The first contribution appeared yesterday. (http://www.weg.co.za/lesers_vertel/Naboom-tot-Siberi-)

Have you smiled today? Psychologists have found that even if you’re in bad mood, you can instantly lift your spirits by forcing yourself to smile.


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4 Responses to Ride for Smiles

  1. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Приятного путешествия и желаем Вам больших сохранить мили на Ваш верный друг .

  2. Guillaume Francois says:

    Lodie safe journey if I do not see you before you go. (Счастливого пути)
    Will follow your journey on your blog. 🙂

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