A surprise breakfast!

For today I had a nightmare vision of a day with visitors and without electricity. Our municipality sent out notices that we would be the whole day without electricity. Therefore, when my friends Cathy and Willie Beukes invited for breakfast at a nearby guesthouse, I accepted.

At ten, as we walked into the dining room I discovered a room filled with familiar faces. I couldn’t believe it. A room filled with Naboom friends, all bikers, and even friends and a colleague who came all the way from Gauteng.

Thank you Willie and Cathy. The surprise was a complete success. It was good to see all the friends a last time.

Now I wonder whether the municipal notice wasn’t a fake šŸ™‚ We had electricity the whole day.

Cathy and Willie, my dear friends and organizers of the big surprise.

Marius and Charlotte.

Sharon and Willie.

Philip and Marietjie.

Keat, also a KLR rider.

Andrew and Suzanne, all the way from Boksburg on their bikes.

Belinda and Johnnie.

Jackie and Dorette.

Erna en Osie.

Neil and Lita, Jade and 12 day old Colby (not visible), also from Gauteng.

Some of the riders were wearing their Crisis on Call wrist bands. I like the idea. For more information zanriku@worldonline.co.za

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2 Responses to A surprise breakfast!

  1. Gerda Lombard says:

    Jy het wonderlike vriende!!! Wens ons was nader, dan was ons beslis ook daar.

  2. Makkie says:

    Kan net dink hoe ‘n lekker verrassing dit was.
    Die voorreg van wonderlike vriende.

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