Relaxed days in Möhringen, Baden-Württemberg

With all my long-distance rides of the past my first stop in Germany with the KLR always was at Achim and Anne Rebstock in Möhringen.

Now try to picture the following:

Möhringen is now 1 222 years old and has a population of 175 people! Yes, only 175. Their house stands surrounded by meadows, on which cows graze, and farm houses as neighboring properties. The province, Baden-Württemberg, in which Möhringen lies, is well-known for many things, not only Mercedes Benz. It is the birthplace of Albert Einstein, DNA (Miescher), the astronomical telescope (Kepler). It was here that Bosch invented the spark plug, Gottlieb Daimler the gas engine and Count Ferdinand the Zeppelin.

To describe the very industrious people of this area the best I have to use a Schwabian expression: “It schwaetzen, schaffe!” (Do not speak so much. Work!)

But Baden-Württemberg is also a region with rolling green hills, forests, cycle paths and where the young Danube river (yes, Johann Strauss) is still a narrow stream of water. The Danube is the only major river in Germany that flows east, where all the others flow north.

Today I took a relaxed ride to Riedlingen, a town about 8 km from Möhringen. The fun starts when one does not take the direct route but one many minor and narrow roads running through forests and crossing green meadows.

On Friday I am going to ride to Lindau on the shore of Lake Constanze to pick up my gas stove from Tanja and Henda, and on Saturday it is off to Switzerland. The ride is picking up momentum!

Guys, please don’t forget about Operation Smile! The good people need your R 10’s! Go to or to donate a green one. As soon as I have fast wifi again I will update the website.

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7 Responses to Relaxed days in Möhringen, Baden-Württemberg

  1. Gerda Lombard says:

    Hi dit klink net te fantasties. Voorspoed en geniet!! Ek het been gebreek en lê in hospitaal en beny jou die wonderlike rit. Gerda

  2. Lodie says:

    Gerda, dis sleg om so iets te hoor! Baie sterkte en ek hoop jy is sommer gou weer op die been!

  3. Selomie says:

    Ek is vandag weer op my eie bene. Kan nie wag vir die pad Naboomspruit toe, net jammer dit is Maandag volmaan.

  4. Kuni Ditira says:

    Hi Lodie

    Do you ever feel lonely on these long roads. What do you listen to on the long road? I really wish I would one time have the guts to do something like that.


  5. Heidi Hoffmann says:

    Hi Lodie, ek geniet jou interessante blog en die pragtige fotos baie! Wonder al lankal, of jy duits magtig is?
    Voorspoed en sterkte vorentoe!
    Gruss, Heidi.

  6. Christine R-G says:

    Such beautifully clear, clean-cut images! The contrasts to come will be very interesting…

  7. Gerda Lombard says:

    Na my val, kom ek vandag vir die eerste keer by die mails, hannes en Mart-Mari het my net altyd vertel, wat ‘n pragtige dorpie Mohringen!!! Bid vir jou, mag alles voorspoedig verloop en die skatkis vir Operation Smile groei!

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