Time to say Auf Wiedersehen to Germany

Today was my last day in Germany.

I did a nearly 200 km ride to Lindau and back and had to put on my rain clothes for the first time. The rain didn’t spoil the fun at all. Again I rode through many small villages and avoided the main roads. Since yesterday I suddenly felt the excitement about the months to come rising. I think I crossed that psychological point of hanging back and clinging to the known. I am ready to make my small tent my home.

In Lindau I visited friends of Tanja. Petrus Pretorius and Rita and Maria Bailer-Pretorius are living in Germany since 2007. It is strange to meet people for the first time and immediately to feel as if we had known each other already for many years.

Back in Möhringen Anne and Achim were busy preparing the farewell dinner of tonight. The photographs will tell the story.

Tomorrow I will reach the most southern point of my ride. From there on the road will go east and north until I get to the point where it doesn’t get completely dark anymore.

I enjoyed the time in Germany. Bis zum Wiedersehen!

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