Austria, first snow, and flies

The day in Gersau, Switzerland, started with a rain shower and low clouds hanging over the Alps. The lake had a dark colour, reflecting the clouds overhead. Fortunately the ride to Luzern was dry. The rainy weather intensified the whiff of the green meadows we were passing through.

Riding towards Chur the weather turned for the better. The sun broke through the clouds. Amazing how a bit of sunshine could lift the spirits.

After passing through Liechtenstein I turned towards the Alberg pass. There one had the choice between the Autobahn going through a lot of tunnels, or riding the smaller road out in the open. I decided on the latter, and what a ride. The road circled higher and higher, and suddenly the snow that one saw high up on the Alps was lying next to the road. I had to stop for a few photographs.

Tonight I am camping close to Hopfgarten in Austria. The camping site has an ideal setting, surrounded by forests and mountains and a river directly next to it. The email of the camping site is info

I am having supper just across the street of the camping site. The table and my plate is literally covered with flies. About 30 m from the restaurant the farmer next door has piled the dung of his cows and horses. He and his friends are sitting next to the dung mountain, each with a beer. Not even the flies of Egypt were such a nuisance as the flies of Hopfgarten. But I don’t mind. When one is travelling these thing do happen. One just has to make sure that you don’t swallow a fly.

Tomorrow we will cross the border into the Czech Republic. That will be my first time there, and another first for the KLR as well. I think it will be its 22nd country, have to check.

Groete uit Oostenryk!

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2 Responses to Austria, first snow, and flies

  1. Ina says:

    ” na zdraví ” … a shot of good Vodka a must when you’re in the Czech Republic !!

    Hoop jy gaan Prague toe ook? – gaan kyk na die ‘ Astronomical Clock ‘

    Ons reis lekker saam met jou ! – Veilig ry….

  2. Selomie says:

    Soms wonder ons hoekom dinge met ons gebeur? Vir my is jou reis ‘n uidaging om net weer op my eie te kan reis, al is dit net op vliegtuie, tubes en treine. Selfs vandag se reis Naboomspruit toe sal ek sien as ‘n avontuur, want so lank kon ek nie eers dit doen nie. Geniet elke oomblik en ons wil alles weet wat daar gebeur. Groete van die Waterberg.

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