Estonia, country # 24 for the KLR

I left Riga on a rainy Monday morning after enjoying two sun-drenched days in that beautiful city. Mrs Dace Skrauca did a wonderful job in showing me so much during such a short time.

I was splashed so often by huge trucks coming from the front that I later struggled to clean the visor with my left hand and keeping the KLR upright with the right hand. Not even 90 km from Riga I decided to call it a day. It was not worth risking the KLR and my life for any ride.

Monday was again a day drowned in rain and I looked for cover quite early.

I made a few stupid decisions when I’d packed for this trip. The most stupid one was to leave my vellies of my previous two tours at home and to bring running shoes with. After unpacking yesterday I had to find a laundry as I urgently needed to wash some clothes. In the pouring rain with the running shoes on it took only seconds for my feet and socks to get wet.

With wet feet I started a search for a second-hand shop and voila! Within minutes I found a shop selling used shoes! I found a pair that fitted me and bought it for quite cheap. From now on I will have dry feet in these wet conditions, although I must admit that with a denim white socks and black shoes look quite zef. 🙂

Perhaps I will find somewhere used socks as well. (only a joke)

My snazzy pair of second hand shoes!

On this photograph you can see how wet my denim legs are.

Soon I have to decide pair which of my trousers I have to leave behind. The cold weather is forcing me to get a warm sweater, and I need the space for the sweater. So, either my denim or khaki trousers have to stay behind.

I need to see a monument of love soon. So much violence.

Monday late afternoon on my walk in the small town while the drizzle closes in.

Today I had a taste of what is still to come. Soon after I left the town where I stayed the road became gravel and soon I had the first good muddy patch. I always think back what Charley Boorman said on Long Way Down: Always take the easiest option. For me the easiest option was to slowly paddle through any muddy section and, most important, not to take a mud bath.

Soon that will be my daily reality.

On Tuesday I had my first long section of gravel and short section of mud.

Can you feel the loneliness? It is addictive and scary.

Today late afternoon I stopped at a supermarket and bought me food for two meals: 1,5 l Ice Tea (peach), 4 buns, 2 apples, 2 different salads, rollmops, and the best for last: caviar!! O yes, and a plastic bag to carry it. The cost for this exquisite meal: R 67.00!!

Where in South Africa can one have a meal with caviar for R 67?

Look at the caviar to the right of the Ice Tea!

Thanks to the advice of Mrs Skrauca I booked a time to cross the border on Friday. Estonia has a clever system to avoid that travellers stand for hours or days in queues at the border. You book a time, report on that time to s waiting area, and then per sms you get notifies when to move to the border.

My next two days will be short rides, creeping the last 200 km to the Russian border post.

It is now time to start lighting candles for Friday. I am quite tensed. How will the Russians react on a South African motorcycle? The same as four years back may not happen.

And, as the subject suggests, the KLR rode into its 24th country, Estonia, today. We were blessed with the many safe journeys.

Soon I will be two hours ahead of South African time.

Regards from Estonia!

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4 Responses to Estonia, country # 24 for the KLR

  1. Selomie says:

    Hi Lodie
    Please visit a zoo in Russia. I don’t know what it is looking like but there is a rhino from SA in Russia. It is a young bull. I believe they are not very good with any animals.
    If I can find out where I will let you know, other wise I just want to know how they treat animals.
    Travel safe.
    From a freezing cold Waterberg.

    • Lodie says:

      Fortunately I have my riding gear and riding boots. Those shoes are only for walking after the day’s ride.

      • Eeton says:

        Weet jy hoe lekker het ek nou gesit en lag vir daai pikante skoene van jou? En ja, wees asb versigtig vir die dieretuine. Jy moet onder geen omstandighede met daardie skoene daar aandoen nie. Jy is op slag in n hok gegooi en sal hulle teleurgesteld wees as hulle besef die ou bul se tande is ook al effens af gesluit. Ou Lodie jy moet elke oomblik geniet ongeag die omstandighede. Somtyds is dit aangenaam en ander kere nie maar aan die einde van die trip sal alles die moeite werd wees.

  2. Christine R-G says:

    Poor KLR. Looks quite forlorn contemplating the tyre-numbing cold and drenching puddles. But at least his rider will have real leather soles covering his pedals.

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