Arrived at the Russian border

Thanks to all the friends who wrote that they were burning candles for the border crossing into Russia on Friday.

Why is it so strange for the Russian officials to see an old KLR motorbike from Limpopo in faraway South Africa crossing the border into THE COUNTRY?

Perhaps it is a strange sight πŸ™‚

Whatever is going to happen tomorrow nothing is going to stop the ride to the Arctic Circle. If not from the east then from the west.

Also on Wednesday I had to ride quite a distance on gravel roads BUT THE SUN WAS SHINING!!

Not elephants crossing the road but moose. I haven’t seen one yet.

Also a warning sign for reindeer that may cross the road. I will be on the lookout for a figure dressed in red and a long white beard herding his reindeer together.

I rode up along one of Europe’s largest lakes. Fish in many forms and variations was sold next to the road.

The mosquitoes of these northern regions are as bad as their reputation. I’ve never experienced so many at any given time wherever one stops.

Blood-thirsty the little bastard.

I experienced one of the biggest surprises ever in Mustvee at Lake Peipus. I stopped at a Bed & Breakfast to ask for a room, and within a minute a couple on touring bicycles also stopped there. They completed their first day of cycling south to Poland. They introduced themselves. Piet and Martha van Zyl, Cape Town! Afrikaans-speaking. We spent a lovely afternoon and evening together. They are doing their fourth cycle tour within 5 years on different continents. What I like the most, it is not to cover so many kilometers as possible but rather to see and experience. Therefore a 40 km per day suits them fine.

Three South Africans meet in Estonia. What a coincidence!

Lake Peipus is the biggest trans-boundary lake in Europe between Estonia and Russia. It covers an area of 3 555 square km. The lake freezes late November and thaws late April.

Thursday: The three South Africans ready to leave, Piet and Martha south, and I north.

A lady doing back-breaking work on the fields.

On the way to my overnight spot on Thursday, a few kilometers before the Russian border.

Panorama photograph of the lake where I am tonight.

Do you see the red dot on top? That is where I am tonight.

Can you still see the red dot? I am ready to disappear over the horizon πŸ™‚

Tonight the sets just before 22:30 and rises at about 4 AM. Then there is a period of a long dusk and dawn. That makes the nights so short.

The KLR is still doing fine. Within the next week I will have to change oil and clean filters. Amazing how the kilometers fly past.

I don’t know when the next post will be. Let life surprise us! Russia or Estonia or Finland, who knows? (And no-one really cares, as long as the ride continues!)



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7 Responses to Arrived at the Russian border

  1. Dirtfellas says:

    Lodie, Sterkte vir more en ons hoop en vertrou jou lang droom om Rusland in te gaan, sal die wag werd wees. Veilig ry en laat die foto’s kom. Ons reis lekker saam .
    As ons hier in Suid Afrika sulke kort nagte gehad het, sou ons darem die land lekker kon deurkruis.

  2. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Hi Lodie, your high spirited ‘post’ is wired to the sun and its new ‘light’ on us, clearly zoom your progress !!!

    I do hope, we will be privilege to see a Moose. . . unfortunately the white bearded guy exchange some photo’s, as we speak and would the Russian be MORE suspicious, if he wears his red suit on his ‘modern Reindeer’ !!!

    Thank You, for your most enjoyable RIDE for smiles !

  3. Johnita says:

    Lodie your challenge are now lying ahead. That is what you wanted to achieve all along. My prayers are with you and the candles are burning high. You take care and return home safely.. we await your home coming

  4. Liewe kosbare Lodie…Elke foto en elke stukkie deel van jou reis is SO kosbaar en word ingedrink deur ons ander avontuurlustiges… Dankie vir die moeite wat jy doen om jou reis en ervarings met ons te deel, vir die tyd wat jy neem om mooi fotos te neem en te skryf oor wat spesiaal was. Dit is wonderlik om so saam met jou te toer. Mens kyk opgewonde uit na jou volgende skrywe.

    Sterkte vir more. Ons vertrou saam met jou dat jy more jou voete in wiele in Rusland sit!

  5. Christine R-G says:

    Mooi bly maar mooi! Lieflike lande. Pragtige mense wie se paaie mekaar kruis, net op die regte tyd in ‘n vreemde land om die moed ‘n hupstootjie te gee. A crowd of hearts and souls will be at the border to wave you over into Russia. By the way, a dab of vinegar keeps the mozzie and the itch away!

  6. Tina van Zyl says:

    Hi Lodie,
    I am Piet and Martha van Zyl’s daughter and I was very proud to see them on your blog. But now seeing what you are doing, i am even more impressed by your trip.
    Congratulations and good luck and safe travels for the rest of the trip. i will definitely bev following and making a donation.
    Tina van Zyl ( Capetonian living in Sydney Australia !!! )

  7. Selomie says:

    Hi Lodie

    Geniet jou reis na Rusland en hou verby die Vodka en Russiese geselskap of na ‘n bottel verstaan julle mekaar baie goed.

    Koue winter groete van die Waterberg.


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