Tuesday 19 April: Russia

Start: N56 13 48.1 E41 44 03.9

Finish: N55 59 35.4 E46 09 28.4 (About 100 km west of Cheboksary – Чебокса́ры)

Distance: 304 km

I had a deep and long sleep last night. I woke up at 5. It was sunny and cold. Really cold. Many truck drivers stood around. As they spoke white condensation formed in front of their mouths. I decided to go to bed for another hour.

There was a 24 hour cafe at the overnight spot. I had two “blingiqi” and coffee for breakfast. That is a sour cream kind of pancake filled with mince. It was good.

Yesterday I passed Vladimir and spent the night about two hours west of Nizhniy Novgorod. I hope to be tonight just west of the city Kazan. I avoid cities. The traffic is mad and life is more expensive there. I don’t need to have people around me every night.

The above I wrote before I left on my ride of today. Well, I haven’t made it past Cheboksary. The reason: Navigation.

Just before Nizhniy Novgorod I missed a turn-off and instead of going around the city I went into the city. From there on it was a slog from traffic light to traffic light. I was a bit hard on me with my verbal abuse for my own stupidity. I got a road out of the city to miss again a turn-off and ended up again in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Isn’t that a beautiful name?

Today I moved more than 4 degrees to the east. Slowly but surely I am getting closer to Siberia.

The KLR is doing fine, I am settling in and get accustomed to the Russian way of doing things. I know in a few months’ time I am going to miss these huge open spaces.

People, don’t forget the reason for this ride! Operation Smile! Thanks for all donations and donations still to come. Who will be the first to donate after this post? That person will get a postcard from me, sent from Russia! Make sure that you put your postal address in the form that you are going to submit on www.naboom2germany.co.za

I have to find a post office for that post card!

Speak to you soon again!

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10 Responses to Tuesday 19 April: Russia

  1. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Рад услышать от вас – будьте сильными!

  2. Maritza Jansen says:

    Hi Lodie, sterkte en onthou ek dink aan jou!

  3. Ina says:

    My Donasie is gemaak! ~ Ina soek ook ‘n poskaart ….. 🙂

  4. Makkie says:

    Daar moet ‘n goeie rede wees waarom jy meer as een keer deur die stad moes ry.
    Ons gebede gaan steeds elke dag saam met jou waar jy jou ookal mag bevind.

  5. Emil says:

    Hi, Lodie

    Ek sien uit na elke blog – inskrywing! Kom verdwyn hier by ons later die jaar.

    Donasie’s daar! 🙂


  6. Ronel says:

    Hallo LOdie. Ek ry nog lekker saam. Sien nie altyd alles wat jy sien nie. Die foto’s vertel ‘n ongelooflike storie. Dink aan jou.

  7. Christine R-G says:

    I know I won’t get the postcard now – but nevertheless made the donation with a smile!

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Lodie geniet dit net en moenie terugkyk nie. Dit bly jou avontuur en ten minste kan jy sê jy het al daar gery met die KLR.

      Bosveld groete

  8. theuns says:

    Hi jy maak my so jaloers,het verlede jaar die tyd ewenaar toe en terug gery nou eers bietjie by die huis,beplan aan die volgende toer,op die oomblik te koud ,Ek glo jy geniet elke oomblik,ry mooi en stuur die foto;s ek en my seun geniet dit en kan nie wag om nuwes te sien nie.ry daai deng

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