Tyumen, Siberia

Let it be known to all friends. Ek kan nog steeds my moer strip, en deeglik ook.

I spent the last day in Yekaterinburg by cleaning, lubricating and checking the KLR. It is so easy to neglect maintenance if all is going well. Doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, I start every day with a clean and lubricated chain.

While checking the bike I discovered a broken pannier bracket. The bad roads left their mark. I was lucky and at the third garage I found a welder. The young gent welded the bracket within minutes and when I wanted to pay his boss said in poor English “Our present to you.”

In one of the next posts I am going to write about my time in Yekaterinburg and how the time there proved so many stereotypical perceptions about Russia wrong.

The ride further east with a clean bike was so good. I stopped in many towns and soaked in the daily life. But a cold north wind was blowing. The needle of the heat gauge of the KLR barely picked up.

For quite a time I rode next to with the Trans Siberia Railway line. Within 24 hours one of our KLR friends is going to pass there on his way to Yekaterinburg. It is a pity that we are missing each other with just over a day.

I enjoy the riding in Siberia. Next to the road are extended potatoe and wheat fields, stretching to the horizon. Directly next to the fields the huge Siberian forests start and go on forever. I felt at easy and never experienced the huge emptiness as threatening. I knew my KLR would bring me to the next city.

And that was where I stripped my moer. To the non-South Africans, I became a little bit irritated.

On riding the last 40 km to Tyumen it became cold, very grey and a thick haze came rolling in and covered the city. I stopped at a hotel and they refused me a room because I was a foreigner! Bliksems! I was more irritated by the arrogant way the two ladies showed me the door than by the fact that they showed me the door.

My visa is nearing its expiry date and it gets time that I point the nose of the KLR towards St. Petersburg (the Amber Room!!!) and then Finland. I still have nearly 3 500 km of Russian riding before me.

In the mean time I think how I am going to pay those two ladies in the hotel back. Where can I get a muishond here in Siberia?

Regards from Tyumen!


Tyumen (Russian: Тюме́нь) is the largest city and theadministrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located on the Tura River 2,144 kilometers (1,332 mi) east of Moscow. Population: 581,758 (2010 Census)

Tyumen is the oldest Russian settlement in Siberia. Founded in 1586 to support Russia’s eastward expansion, the city has remained one of the most important industrial and economic centers east of the Ural Mountains. Located at the junction of several important trade routes and with easy access to navigable waterways, Tyumen rapidly developed from a small military settlement to a large commercial and industrial city. The central part of Old Tyumen retains many historic buildings from throughout the city’s history.

During the initial stages of World War II, when there was a possibility that Moscow would fall to the advancing German Army, Tyumen also became a refuge for the body of the deceased Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. Lenin’s body was secretly moved from Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow to a hidden tomb located in what is now the Tyumen State Agriculture Academy.

The little spot in the foreground is indeed the KLR. Church in a small town in Siberia.

Colourful scooters at a market. Siberian town.

Fortunately I still have my pair secondhand shoes.

Chickens and duckling for sale. Siberian town.

Make your choice, pay, and go and braai it.

In a next town I had a huge kebab. That was good!

I am coming from the one, going to the other.

The wide open plains I love so much.

Ps. Please forgive any spelling mistakes! I am in a rush.

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16 Responses to Tyumen, Siberia

  1. Neil Buckley says:

    Ai Lodie, sorry about the experience with the Hotel, they do not know the caliber of the person they missed their. At least from your writing i am happy that this so far is the only bad experience you have had with people and accommodation.

    I hope that the rest of the trip is hassle free and accommodation friendly 🙂 Keep safe Best wishes the Buckley’s

  2. Dick says:

    Jy het so baie aangename en gesvry mense daar ontmoet, dat dit redelik maklik behoort te wees om daai 2 uit jou gedagtes te vee soos om ‘n gogga wat op jou sit weg te waai. Sulke mense is daar om mens dit wat goed was meer te laat waardeer. Sterkte verder – jammer jou Rusland gedeelte v/d reis is amper verby, want ek geniet elke woord wat jy skryf.

  3. Antoinette says:

    Ai Lodie, jy kan mos nie nou jou moer strip nie! Soos Dick genoem het, vee hulle uit jou gedagtes. Daar is gewoonlik ‘n baie goeie rede vir sulke dinge – tien teen een iemand baie belangriker vir jou om te ontmoet / ‘n baie spesiale plek wat jy veronderstel is om te besoek. Geniet dit! Ons geniet dit vreeslik saam met jou! (In gees.)

  4. Suzanne says:

    ek glo jou opmerking dat jy jou liederlik vererg het, glad nie…. nie jy nie!

  5. Johnita says:

    Hi Lodie, do not remember the bad but the good and smile all the way because as Neil said they do not know the caliber of person you are. Take Care

  6. Maryna den Braanker says:

    Hi Lodie !
    Love your photo’s again – the ride in the wide ‘open’ will be a ‘breeze’ to your emotions again
    Tell everybody, who ‘bugs’ you – to take the noon balloon to Rangoon !!!
    I didn’t know Cruezella had two sister living in Tyumen’s – would love to see them in the chicken&duckling cage !!!
    Save k’s to St Petersburg, we can’t wait to see the inside of the ‘Amber Room’ !!!
    Wishing you the BEST !

  7. Ronel says:

    A Shame Lodie. Sterkte en lekker ry!!!!! Great photo’s.

  8. Maryna den Braanker says:

    . .oh YES – your ‘famous’ pair of shoes will be the top seller at our auction, when you are back !!!

  9. Gerda Lombard says:

    Nou het jy ons darem lekker laat lag!!! Hulle dag sal kom, moenie jy jou bekommer nie! Sterkte vir die volgende kilometers!!! Mal oor die fotos.

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Lodie, gelukkig is die Boer nog nie uit jou uit nie. Haha!! Geniet dit my vriend, en vergeet so gou moontlik al die sleg. Die mooi en lekker is in elk geval baie beter. Bly die KLR is nog op sy stukke. Kyk mooi na julle twee en moenie ophou om ons die mooi van jou toer te deel nie.

      Bosveld groete

      Philip en Marietjie

  10. Bradley Timm says:

    Ek pos vir daardie twee ‘n muishond….arme muishond! Dont let them get to you..(easier said than done). Safe riding for you.

  11. Vasbyt Lodie, die goeie ervarings in die lewe kom mos maar op die harde manier… Sou nou vandag nie omgegee het as ek en ou Huisbesoek langs jou gery het nie!

  12. Christine R-G says:

    According to Mother Theresa the least lovable need it the most!

    However, if you are not quite ready to forego thoughts of sweet revenge yet, then you could always tell them: (with apologies to the original composer and to the delicate souls who might take offense.)
    “Yum, yum piggy’s bum,
    we’re having a farty
    and you can’t come!”
    Watch their faces!

  13. Christine R-G says:

    Linger a little longer in the Amber Room…

  14. Selomie says:

    Jou moer geroer, so jy voel sommer baie beter. Ek het vanand sommer ‘n hoer beroerte gekry hier in die bosveld vir ‘n Gautenger.

    Hoekom het ons nog nie van die Buckley familie gehoor wat by Naboom moet kom kuier. Ons wag vir julle.

    Ek mis jou vinnige kuiertjies en hoop as jy weer hier is dan het Jomo ‘n maaitjie.

    Kuier lekker.



    • Lodie says:

      Hallo Selomie! Die kanse is goed dat ek Saterdag ‘n dieretuin kan sien nog aan die Asiatiese kant van die Oeral. As dit werk, stuur ek vir jou foto’s. Dit sal my laaste internet vir ‘n tyd wees. Weet jy waar daardie SA renoster in Rusland is?

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