Route into Tyumen

Start:     N56 48 04.8 E60 35 23.8 (Ekaterinburg)

Finish:  N57 09 32.9 E65 32 13.1  (Tyumen)

Distance:  337 km

My route (from left, west, to right, east)

A close-up from my riding in the city after a first small hotel refused to host me until I could find a room in the cold, wet weather.

Yulia, a lawyer in the city, went out to the first hotel to assist me, and when she got there I already left. She picked up a registration document for me and brought it to me. In short, she is one of those angels that every traveller needs. And more, she is a believer who shares the light in her heart to all those who need support and direction. To meet Yulia was very special. If I never see her again then I will know she was an angel (One meets an angel only but once)

I am on my way to the furthest east that my visa allows timewise. Tomorrow I will be five hours ahead of South African time. I wonder whom of my friends I can call at 6 AM Novosibirsk time … 🙂

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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4 Responses to Route into Tyumen

  1. Johnita says:

    You have a good ride today. Angels will always there to assist you cause The Upper Hand walks with you

  2. Kuni Ditira says:

    Hi. Greetings. Kuni

  3. theuns says:

    Enjoy Lodie,Dis die beste ding wat n mens kan doen,geniet elke oomblik en hou vas aan GOD !!LIVE LIFE to the fullest.Wish i was there,you know i really dont know wy i am not doing it ,i got the time .N.S. jy kan maar bel ,maar dit sal baie duur wees.

  4. Marius says:

    Lodie, net as jy die vreemde al as bekend ervaar het kan mens verstaan waar jy nou is………geniet dit my groot vriend. En laat diegene wat nog nie alleen in die vreemde op ‘n motorfiets gewees het nie, dit weet: Wat jy doen is een van die braafste dinge wat enige mens kan doen! Ek salueer jou!

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