The Amber Room, and sad, sad news.

It is always sad if a person close to you dies. It is even more sad if a young man, just finished with school, passes away.

Dick Beets is a dear friend for many of our KLR riders. To me personally he and Antoinette mean so much. Déan, Dick’s son, died this afternoon after a horrible car accident yesterday.

I will remember Déan for his friendliness towards me and the good biltong I bought from him. Our condolences to the Beets family with their huge loss.

If all goes well I will ride the 10 000th km of this tour on Monday. Now my focus is on Puschkin (St. Petersburg) and the Amber Room. If you want to read more about the mystery of the Amber Room here is a good link to start with.

Here is some feedback on the two lions Olga and Rustislav, brought from the Novosibirsk Zoo. Unfortunately the Tygerberg Zoo had to close down. However, these two are well and alive and are at the Cheetau Game Lodge near Bethlehem in the Free State. Thanks Maryna for the information!

I am moving back into the mosquito belt tomorrow. So steel yourself for my whining about these small beasts sucking out my last drop of blood!

Now I have to try and sleep. Till the end of the week!


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5 Responses to The Amber Room, and sad, sad news.

  1. Jammer oor die verskriklike nuus! Sterkte vir die reis hierdie week!

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Lodie, jammer om te hoor van die KLR vriend. Dis altyd ‘n groot verlies, die dood van ‘n geliefde.
      Sterkte met die res van die week, en smeer maar die Peaceful Sleep mildelik aan, miskien help dit met die slaap ook.

      Naboom groete

  2. Christine R-G says:

    Losing a child is terrible. Offering a prayer seems so small somehow… but hope the offering of it shoulders a second of the pain.

    Stay resilient, strengthen your resolve along your journey and have a wonderful time!

  3. Ronel says:

    Hi Lodie. Ek terug op die plaas. Het eers al die post gelees. Weer eens WOW!!!! Geniet die ry die week. O ja. KLR BO!!!!!

  4. Sterkte en troos vir elkeen en baie krag vir jou, dis reeds IN jou, Christus se ALLES, Sy Volheid! Blessings!!

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