11 July

Today 4 years ago I stopped at my house at the end of my Naboom2Germany ride.

Today, 4 years later, I realised my dream that wasn’t fulfilled at that time.

I’ll share the story and some pictures later.

Dick and family, in spirit I will be with you at the funeral tomorrow. I am glad that some our bikers friends will be there on their bikes.

RIP Dean!

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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3 Responses to 11 July

  1. Kuni Ditira says:


    Enjoy the ride. Live your dream. Cowards like us will never do it.


    God be with you.


    • Lodie says:

      Hi Kuni! That is why I am doing this ride. I am a coward in many ways but try to conquer my human fears.

      • Philip en Marietjie says:

        Lodie, jy is vir baie van ons inspirasie om ook ons vrese vir die onbekende, te oorheers. Dankie!

        Dink ook aan Dean en sy familie vandag.

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