Friday: Coldest day of the tour.

My route on Thursday to Nordkapp and back.

My route south on Friday.

The cold and wind-swept plains of northern Norway.

Tonight I found refuge in a wooden chalet next to a lake, surrounded by pine and birch trees. It is cold and the wind drives small waves onto the lake shore in front of the chalet. The mosquitoes kept me from cleaning and oiling the chain. I will do it early Saturday morning.

I miss friends to chat with tonight. But instead of having company I am listening to Gert Vlok Nel. His voice and the lyrics of his songs compliment the sound of the cold wind in the trees.

This morning in the youth hostel we were warned that bad weather was on the way until Monday. I packed the KLR early and left just after breakfast. The wind was howling from the north and the rain was ice-cold. I had to ride about 100 km back on my spoor of Wednesday before I could turn off to a small city called Alta. The 110 km to Alta went higher up into mountains and patches of snow were lying to the left and right of the road. I had four layers of clothes on. It helped considerably against the cold.

I passed so many lakes and fjords but their color was pale-grey and not the blue it would have been in sunshine. Pity.  I spoke to a Norwegian biker this afternoon at a coffee stop. He said that the cold summer weather this year was very unusual.

And now, after 431 km, I enjoy the cozy shelter that the chalet offers.

About the 1st September: Like two years ago we will have a fund-raising dinner at Erfdeel south of Johannesburg. It is going to be an informal and fun-filled evening with good food, many travel stories, and like two years ago an auction of some items. Perhaps, perhaps, there will be a very special book, the first and only one, to be sold to the highest bidder. I think the regular readers can guess what the title of the book is.

All the proceeds will be donated to Operation Smile.

It is possible to sleep over at Erfdeel. More information later.

Start making up a group of friends so that when the booking for the dinner starts you can book your table or places.

The KLR is not a bike for such social occasions. I will chat to the old beast so that he perhaps joins us that evening.

I look forward to seeing many of you there!

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5 Responses to Friday: Coldest day of the tour.

  1. Ina says:

    Toer nog baie lekker saam met jou!..en….Baie dankie vir die poskaart!! ~ het hom in die week gekry….. #.. Out of Siberia.. #
    Hoop nie jy kry tè koud daar waar jy nou is nie! ~ wat is die temperatuur daar?
    Ek gaan beslis een van die wees wat gaan probeer om die Event by te woon…
    Sterkte en mooi ry!

    • Lodie says:

      Hallo Ina! Bly dit het aangekom. Gister was vyf grade. Vandag was beter. Groete!

      • Monika und Kalle Kerstholt says:

        Hallo Lodie,
        jeden Abend lesen wir sehr interessiert dein Reisetagebuch und wünschen dir besseres Wetter, so wie in Meltosjärvi, damit du die Schönheiten des Landes genießen kannst. Bis Donnerstag sind wir auf dem Campingplatz mit Jugendherberge an dem wunderschönen See Möckeln in Älmhult (Südschweden). Vielleicht liegt Älmhult auf deiner Strecke – es lohnt sich hier zu rasten. Wir wünschen dir weiterhin gute Fahrt.
        Viele Grüße
        Monika und Kalle Kerstholt

      • Lodie says:

        Hallo Monika und Kalle!

        Das war so schoen, von Euch zu hoeren!

        Ihr habt gute Fortschritte gemacht! Alle Achtung!

        Ich bin am Montag zurueck in Norwegen und dann wieder Richtung Sueden. Wir bleiben in Kontakt und wer weiss … vielleicht gibt es ein Wiedersehen! Ihr fahrt am Donnerstag weiter?

        Viele Gruesse!

  2. Monika und Kalle Kerstholt says:

    Guten Morgen Lodie,

    es ist richtig, wir fahren am Donnerstag wieder zurück. Um 10:00 Uhr nehmen wir die Fähre. Es wäre schön, wenn wir uns irgendwann und irgendwo wieder begegnen würden.
    Eine gute Reise auch weiterhin.

    Viele Grüße
    Monika und Kalle

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