My prayer for sunshine was heard.

From Trondheim to Lillehammer.

Start: N63 26.150 E10 23.739 (Trondheim, Norway)

Finish: N61 06.349 E10 26.642 (Lillehammer, Norway)

Distance:  359 km

Good evening from Norway!

I believe yesterday in Norway someone was praying “Dear God, please let it rain today because …” And God found his reason for rain more valid than my request for sunshine.

But today we had a full day of sunshine! What a day for riding! Thank you dear Lord!

Last night Esmé Lüscher, the Afrikaans speaking Swiss lady (her mother is South African) and I decided to ride together to Lillehammer. Tomorrow she is taking the ship from Oslo to Hamburg while I am continuing my ride south. And what a ride we had! She is a superfast rider with racetrack experience, and I on a KLR. Needless to say she waited on me quite often.

Forest, mountain passes, fast-flowing rivers, rapids that showed why it is called white-water, snow-covered summits, lakes, we had it all. Have a look at the photographs and share with me the joy that I felt today.

Have a look at those clouds!

Esmé disappearing in the distance with only the clouds for me as excellent company.

Just look at this river! Amazing!

We had a headwind of 8 m/s, according to the warning boards.

Esmé with our coffee break at the foot of a mountain pass.

And then what was the highlight of my day. I mentioned Ronnie, the guy that was riding around the world, quite often in the blog. If you are a new subscriber to the blog type in “Ronnie” at the search function and read about this remarkable man. This afternoon I received the following email from him:

“Lodie my friend….!!!

I have arrived at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the final BIG landmark on my round the world tour….!! From here I begin the ride back to New York, and then home….

I was wondering how your own trip across Russia is going…??

Hope all is well with you and your are safe and well….

Take care my friend and will be in touch….


Isn’t that fantastic news?

Ronnie, from all our envious people congratulations on completing your ride around the world!! What an achievement. Our best wishes to you and Patricia for the new life together!

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3 Responses to My prayer for sunshine was heard.

  1. Wow- jy en Ronnie leef die droom!

  2. Dorette says:

    Broer – die wolke is soos ‘n belofte van al die voorspoedige kilometers wat nog voorle! Ek kan nie meer onthou wanneer ek daar was nie – dink dit was 2000/2001, maar beslis by Trondheim! Geniet elke dag en kilometer, baie liefde!

  3. Christine R-G says:

    Ah! So Norway was kind to you. And so lovely too!

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