Route data

Lillehammer (Norway) to Asa (Norway)

Start:  N61 06.358 E10 26.599

Finish:  N57 20.525 E12 08.156

Distance:  521 km

Asa (Norway) to Flensburg (Germany)

Start:  N57 20.525 E12 08.157

Finish:  N54 47.429 E9 27.683

Distance:  589 km

Flensburg (Germany) to Pulheim (Germany)

Start:  N54 47.429 E9 27.683

Finish:  N51 00.326 E6 47.702

Distance:  590 km

Pulheim (Germany) to Hammer (Germany)

Start:  N51 00.326 E6 47.702

Finish:  N50 33.631 E6 19.197

Distance:  365 km

Hammer (Germany) to Zutphen (Netherlands)

Start:  N50 33.631 E6 19.197

Finish:  N52 08.368 E6 11.673

Distance:  250 km

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