From Holland to Germany

I used the last few days of riding on this wonderful long tour to visit so dear friends in Germany. I left Holland under a dark heaven and not long after I crossed the border into Germany heavy rain came down on the Autobahn. Twice I had to stop as I couldn’t see where I was riding anymore. Typical of the present weather patterns here half an hour after such a heavy downpour the sun was shining again.

I spent a night in Siegen where I visited Anja Lubbe, a friend and co-traveller on many trips in Southern Africa with the highlight our Africa our Home-trip across Africa in 2009. She and another mutual friend Anne Rebstock visited my in Ethiopia on my 2008 Naboom2Germany ride. Anja knew the needs of a traveller and put my dirty clothes through her washing machine. That was a great feeling to have again good-smelling clean clothes. (She is the only one of my friends that ever saw photographs of Kate)

I left Siegen in brilliant sunshine and rode to Langenselbold, my second home when I am in Germany. The house of Rosi and Guenther was my final destination on my 2008 ride to Germany and the starting point of my 2010 ride. The ride was a ride directly out of the text book: Sunny warm weather, a bike that ran effortlessly most of the time, and beautiful Fachwerk houses that lined the streets of the villages, through which I rode.

I am still struggling with the effects of dirty fuel and once the KLR cut out and had I a forced stop next to the road.

For three days I was spoilt by Rosi and Guenther with cake and coffee, the most delicious foods, long hikes and visits by friends who came by to say hello.

On Monday I will have a long ride to Achim close by Bremen for a last visit to friends. I hold thumbs that the KLR will manage the last two days to get me safely to Berlin on Tuesday afternoon.

The good old beast did now 108 300 km and 32 countries, and on this tour 17 200 km. Groenie, ons moet bymekaar kom as ek terug is in SA. Ek wil ‘n foto van die twee KLR’s hê.

Regards from good old Germany!

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  1. Gix says:

    Bymekaar kom? Ons gaan CELEBRATE!

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