Second last day of riding

I left Langenselbold later as I expected. Reason: I woke up only after 8. The many riding days are taking its toll on the not so young body 🙂

Ernst Diekman of Achim sent me the actual weather report for Achim: Dark clouds, heavy rain. I got the message just before I left. But, again, the skies opened and I had a dry 440 km ride to Achim close to Bremen.

Ernst did many Botswana and Zimbabwe trips with me in the past, and it was now the first time that I would meet his wife Renate.

Achim is a beautiful small rural city close to Bremen. Late afternoon we decided to go for a ride on their bicycles. We rode on the dike nect to the Weser until the rain drove us off and we had to take shelter in a restaurant with cold beer and hot food.

This was my last visit to friends on this tour. Tomorrow it is the ride back to Berlin, and then the circle is closed. Today the KLR didn’t have any problems and it was a smooth ride to Achim. And yes, the sheepskin helped a lot to make the long sit a bit more comfortable. Thanks Bernd Tesch!

Rosi and Gunther before I left Langenselbold this morning. After three visits this was probably the last visit of the KLR to Langenselbold.

Up in the north there are many horse farms and stables. I still prefer to KLR to a bumpy horse ride.

Cycling on the dike. They had to build these dikes for the occasional flooding that could be disastrous in these flat lands.

Donning the rain suits. Renate and Ernst told me that droughts in their area are unheard of. It rains more than enough.

Drinking a glass of wine on the many trips of the past. We saw each other seven years ago the last time.

I will have all the information on our dinner of the 1st September this week, and then I will give it on the blog. Please keep the date open!

Now for Berlin!






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5 Responses to Second last day of riding

  1. Christine R-G says:

    A happy closing of your journey together with dear friends and an easing of the pressure too.Well, well done!

  2. Christine R-G says:

    A happy closing of your journey, together with dear friends and an easing of the pressure too.Well, well done!

  3. Johnita says:

    Dit is voorwaar ‘n gelukkige einde aan ‘n wonderlike reis. Knap gedaan Lodie baie trots op jou. Veilig terug kom huis toe

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Hi Lodie, ja, dis soos nou die dag dat ons vir oulaas saam geëet het voor jy weg is na die vreemde toe, en nou is dit die voorlaaste dag van jou ongelooflike avontuur! Knap gedaan, en kom veilig huistoe.

      Groete uit ‘n yskoue Naboom

      philip en Marietjie

  4. Christine R-G says:


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