I arrived in Berlin

Here are some pictures of my last day’s ride.

As the tradition is I went to the memorial for the Russian soldiers in Berlin and laid my last Russian coins on the memorial plaque. It was a fitting end to a memorable ride to Russia / Siberia.

And there they are lying. Спасибо Россия!

The Memorial for the Russian Soldiers.

Some special people of the last days.

Real adventurers … cyclists Igel and Paola Zimmermann were on the road around the world for eleven years, with their dogs Rambo and Caramba. After my ride the long-distance cyclists are those that I admire the most for their sheer guts and endurance.

The dogs know their place in their trailer. Well travelled are they.

This gent is 71 years old and deaf and dumb. He travelled through many countries on different continents. His panniers caught my attention. He used hard-shell suitcases.

Here one can see the suitcase that he uses.

So many people made my ride possible and enjoyable. Later this week I will write the final post from on the road, mentioning some of them.

“Our guardian angels are closer to us than anything except the love of God.” — Eileen Elias Freeman

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2 Responses to I arrived in Berlin

  1. Hannes en Gerda Lombard says:

    Wat ‘n ongelooflike ondervinding! Berlyn is so spesiaal en dat jy nog jou laaste munte daar kon gaan neer sit! Well done Lodie!!!!

  2. Ronel says:


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