The KLR is back in Naboomspruit!

On Monday morning early the KLR arrived on time in Windhoek. Customs took longer than planned but around noon I left for Gobabis, the Namibian/Botswana border and Botswana.

The further I drove through the beautiful, beautiful Kalahari savanna and bushveld the more my heart became jubilant. I realised again that I have only one home: Africa.

Try and picture the following: a deep blue winter sky, sunshine, yellow grass, and then late afternoon oryx antelope, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, kudu antelope and many ostriches next to the road.

At sunset I pulled off the road and had a supper of baked beans and corned meat. Priceless in the African savanna.

Five star meal under the African sky.

Sunrise in Africa. I had a nearly ten-hour sleep in the rooftop tent.

Africa  … home.

On Tuesday I had fun with the donkeys next to the road. Since reading the blog Bileam se donkie I had to smile every time I see these cute animals.

These wonderful animals deserve an own memorial in Africa. What would us Africans do without them?

Then I saw two donkeys, one dead. And suddenly I had to think back to two posts on Bileam se donkie, Die Prys van Liefde. The Afrikaans speaking people can really go and read that. It is a moving true-life love story.

The Cost of Love. Until death do part us…

This afternoon when I got back to my house Stefaans was there with a big smile to welcome me back. He is the personification of loyalty and responsibility.

Right, our festive dinner of 1 September:

I am excited to see who has booked already. It is going to be a GREAT evening!

Accommodation costs R 150.00 per person and not R 200.00 as I wrote earlier.

I got very good news yesterday. It is now 99% sure that there will be ONE Kate book that will be sold to the highest bidder. That may be the only Kate ever.

I am going with the KLR to the dinner, leaving Naboomspruit on that beautiful Spring Day at eleven. Are there any bikers going with their bikes that would like to ride with?

I am so excited about our dinner. See YOU there!

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6 Responses to The KLR is back in Naboomspruit!

  1. Awesome Lodie! Geluk en nogmaals geluk op nog n uitstaande epic trip! Baie seen en voorspoed met die ete en fondsinsameling!

    ……tot die vlg trip!

  2. Johan says:

    Welkom tuis!

    Groete uit Kroondal.

  3. Neil Buckley says:

    Lita and I for sure will be there. Might be able to twist her arm and come with the bike. Big welcome back to you!

  4. Christine R-G says:

    A happy wonderful homecoming and welcome for you, Lodie! And such an exquisite poem by Gerald Gould that we are all able to share. Blessings to all. See you on 1 September.

  5. Welkom terug in die beskawing Lodie… erens binnekort moet ons daardie groot koffieding doen… Ek moet net self oorleef tot na 1 September. Dankie vir die mooi Donkiefotos!

    • Philip en Marietjie says:

      Hi Lodie, welkom tuis. Ek en Marietjie sou wat wou gee om saam met jou na die ete toe te ry, maar my dogter trek van Pta na Jhn, en die ouers moet ongelukkig daar betrokke wees. Ons gaan die aand mis, en is baie spyt daaroor.

      Geniet dit egter en dink aan ons, want ons dra jou drome ook op die hart.

      Naboom groete.

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