Inner peace

Thanks for all the good wishes I received the last week.

I am doing quite well. I do rest a lot and manage walks of up to 3 km already.

On Monday 10 December I have to be back in Pretoria for the PET and CT scans. The scans will bring an end to the uncertainties of the last few weeks as it will clearly show whether there is another tumor or not, where it is and if it already has started spreading.

I did a lot of reading since my release from hospital. Karen Lange wrote a beautiful piece. Here are some quotes:

“I now choose to eliminate from my mind and life destructive thoughts. I stand on my own two feet and support myself. I think for myself. It is safe for me to grow. My future is bright and beautiful. And so it is.”

“I invite successful, loving people into my life. I lovingly release people who do not bring me joy.”

“I allow myself to feel in touch with my emotions, be they positive or negative. To feel my fears and anxieties, to understand what causes them, and to experience them in a loving, joyful, peaceful and painless way.” Copyright Karen Lange

I look forward to the sound of the KLR out on the open roads of the Waterberg again! Next year!

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3 Responses to Inner peace

  1. emilbosch says:

    Lodie, I’m impressed with the distance you’re walking already! Well done!

    Yes! KLR!

    • Guillaume Francois says:

      ‘Inner Peace’ that is what we all strive for.
      Next Monday it all will be revealed!
      Then you will know which path to take, to continue on your journey.

  2. Christine R-G says:

    Wow Lodie! Impressive.
    3 km and I thought you were weak as a kitten!? Keep walking – as they say in that whisky advert (Johnny Walker is it?) – till you speed-morph into the man on the KLR! Countries and citizens opening their arms to welcome you; and travel teams of guardian angels getting their act together sooner than they expected!

    Thank you for sharing the thoughts from Karen Lange. The truth is said so beautifully, so kindly and none are demeaned or diminished. Inspiring.

    Dumela to your good neighbour, Klaas! Okae?

    Peaceful nights and powerful days, Lodie.

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