My good neighbour

My neighbour Klaas came to see me. The human face of South Africa…

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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5 Responses to My good neighbour

  1. emilbosch says:

    Lodie, when the human race as a whole has, “Love transcends all,” become part of its being; when love (read: compassion, respect, patience, meekness, long suffering, kindness, humility) becomes part of human nature, we will have become completely human – mankind as it was intended.

  2. Dorothee says:


  3. Ek wil ook nog daar by jou kom inval. Het vir jou ‘n epos gestuur op jou naboom2germany eposadres. Baie sterkte, ek bid gereeld saam dat jy volkome genees sal word!

    • Guillaume Francois says:

      When asked, “Who really is my neighbour?”
      The illustration was given of the ‘Good Samaritan.’

      How many of them are still around….?

      Lodie, you have met them on your travels, and referred to them as ‘Angels.’

  4. Ek het vandag se kuier nou so geniet, sommer hierdie foto van jou ook gebruik vir vandag se inskrywing by my, hoop nie jy gee om nie!

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