One of the greatest passed away

I received terrible news a few minutes ago.

Ray Muller, one of the greatest travellers ever across Africa, the man who prepared my KLR for each of the long rides I’ve done, who prepared me mentally for the challenges of cross-continental rides, is dead.

I planned to visit him next Tuesday after the PET scan. That visit will have to wait for one day when we both will sit under a heavenly tree discussing the road further.

Gina, Kerry, Donovan, I don’t have any words to offer to you. His death is a big loss to all of us.

Rest in peace Ray. You were a man among men.

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2 Responses to One of the greatest passed away

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Lodie. Baie sad nuus. Glo Saterdag gesterf aan hartaanval terwyl hy gery het as ek dit korrek het. Het ook al met hom besigheid gedoen. Hy ook nog jonk. RIP Ray

  2. emilbosch says:

    Ek is regtig geskok! Ek het ook beplan om Maart / April volgende jaar by hom ‘n draai te maak.

    My innige meegevoel aan sy gesin!

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