On travel with a KLR and cancer.

What weird travel companions to have!

I decided to continue living with all energy that I can scrape together, doing things that I want to do, whether that is riding with the mountain bike to the supermarket (against the doctor’s advise) or a sunset ride through the bushveld (yes, again against the doctor’s advise). Therefore I will continue sharing with you the trials and tribulations of living and riding with cancer.

Example: This afternoon. It was overcast with rain clouds streaming in from the south. Then, suddenly, a ray of sunshine came through the clouds and lit up the bushveld in various shades of green.  In front of me a giraffe bull was busy browsing.


I did now 111 111,1 km on the KLR. When will we stop riding?

Regards from the bushveld!

Beautiful beautiful bushveld!

Beautiful beautiful bushveld!

It doesn't matter whether the road goes to Mokopane or Mookgophong. Get going! Travel! Yes, to the Wimpy is already a trip!

It doesn’t matter whether the road goes to Mokopane or Mookgophong. Get going! Travel! Yes, to the Wimpy is already a trip!

I watched this giraffe for nearly 20 minutes, sitting on the KLR.

I watched this giraffe for nearly 20 minutes, sitting on the KLR.

The KLR and I have still a few km's to do together.

The KLR and I have still a few km’s to do together.




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10 Responses to On travel with a KLR and cancer.

  1. Selomie says:

    Onthou jy reis nooit alleen nie, jy is altyd in my gedagtes.

  2. emilbosch says:

    Winston Churchill: “Never, never, NEVER give up!”

  3. Christine R-G says:

    Feed your Soul! It will help carry your body in weaker moments.

  4. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    Living and loving all in the moment … you are doing it Lodie. Bless you, I am with you in beloved Africa!

  5. Heidi Hoffmann says:

    Lodie jy is ‘n ongelooflike inspirasie vir almal van ons, en ons is SO bevoorreg om saam met jou te kan reis! Wees verseker dat ons gedagtes en gebede jou begelei.
    Alle sterkte vir jou vorentoe, en ‘n groot DANKIE vir die pragtige fotos!

  6. Guillaume Francois says:

    Back at work today, went through the photos of the bike rode to the Western Cape and back. (This festive season)

    Then one thinks what are we doing sitting in a confined space, if there are so many open spaces.

    I agree…, watching the giraffe is far better than watching any wild life program on television.

    (The best seat is behind the handlebars of a motorcycle.)

  7. Gerda Lombard says:

    Wat ‘n voorbeeld!!! Leef elke dag ten volle!!!! Dankie vir die pragtige fotos, mens voel die stilte aan …..

  8. Ina says:

    “Every beautiful journey begins with a heart willing to move forward, a soul willing to give what it takes and a mind determined to never give up.” (By Evk)

    Lodie…… * Yòu, do have a heart ~ willing to move forward *
    * Yòu, do have a soul ~ willing to give what it takes * . . . .

    I know you for some time now, and followed your blog for I think more than 2 years, and I’m extremely privileged to have been able to travel with you on all your Amazing journeys, which you shared with us. . . .
    Now you have to travel on thìs unknown road of yours, which you did nòt travel before….We know, Trust and Believe that you, Lodie, DO have . . . * a mind determined to NEVER give up * . . .

    As Cristine said above ~ ‘Feed your Soul’ . . .

    Nobody can take thàt away from you . . .

  9. Elinda Erasmus says:

    Lodie, Jy is n ongelooflike mens met n baie positiewe uitkyk op die lewe. My man is n paar maande gelede oorlede a.g.v kanker, hy was egter baie negatief en het die handdoek ingegooi lank voordat hy regtig begin siek word het. Ek het altyd probeer dat hy positief moet bly, hy was so n positiewe mens toe hy gesond was, die kaner het hom egter negatief gemaak en hy het toe die stryd verloor lank voordat Onse Vader hom kom haal het. Weet nie hoekom ek dit vir jou se nie, ek glo mens kan positief en besig bly totdat jy nie meer genoeg krag het om enige iets te doen nie. Jy bly in ons geliefde deel van SA en ek het daar naby Modimolle gebly vir jare, gereeld deur Naboom geryPotties toe en as n mens nie meer dit kan beleef nie, weet jy die was een van die wonderlikste plekke en ervaringe wat n mens kon geniet in die lewe. Die Bosveld is so pragtig en dit maak die lewe pragtig. Geniet jou KLR, geniet elke dag en lewe voluit. Die Bosveld bring n mens so naby aan jou Skepper en Hy sal jou behoed en bewaar. Sterkte en ek hoop om die Bosveld te kom besoek in die middel van die jaar. Groete uit Peru.

    Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2013 18:59:08 +0000 To: tiekie53@hotmail.com

  10. Letty says:

    Lodie!!! You give me courage to carry on and be strong in life! Thanx to our Heavenly Father who keeps us together! It might have seen you once but have shared alot!! I lack words to appreciate you for the blessing you are to me!

    Keep it up Lodie!

    My sisters and I keep Praying for you

    Don’t Forget that the ( God on the Mountains is still God in the Valley)

    God will surely Make a WAY for U Lodie!

    Lots of Love


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