Live as if you are going to live forever!

Good morning to all the blog readers on all five continents!

What a beautiful morning do we have in Pretoria this morning!

I am in my third week of radiation treatment. Tomorrow I go home for a recovery period. Then, on 4 February, they will start with chemo therapy, three days a week, every three weeks, for six months.

However, the next two weeks or so you will enjoy the blog because it will be back to basics: Adventure riding pure. First there will be a photo report of a young and upcoming adventurer Nico Laurens. Three years ago he visited me at office, bike-less. Three weeks ago me visited me again, proud owner of a KLR. He returned from an eastern and central Africa ride.

You have to see the photographs!! I’ll show you just a few, and then we will apply “gentle” pressure on him for a slide show one evening.

Then, a ride report across Africa but especially through the desert in Sudan from a lady, on a route harder than anything that 99.9% of all male trans-Africa riders ever had done. And that during a time without gps or sat phones!

Thank you Nico and Patti for sending my will to survive and to overcome these “small” obstacles sky high thanks to your report and photographs!

And as dessert in between hairy and hairless photographs from so many friends AND strangers who show support that the CAN of cancer can mean CAN beat it! (Thanks Rindi)

(I have to put it in brackets. Marius Venter and I plan a ride, which under other circumstances, would be fun. Now … Perhaps I won’t even manage to pick up a bike. It is part of the planning to survive and live!!!)

So, sit back and wait. It is coming!

Chat to you very soon again!

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Africa, Africa, Africa!
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8 Responses to Live as if you are going to live forever!

  1. Makkie says:

    Vat vyf Lodie!

  2. Willie says:

    Seen en sterkte Lodie! Soos iemand gese het : “In the end all will be well, if it aint all well, then it aint the end!”

  3. Gerda Lombard says:

    Hi liewe Lodie, nou weet ons ook waarvoor CAN staan, nooit te oud om te leer nie!!!! Mik hoog, jy KAN en GAAN nog weer daardie KLR ‘n ding of 2 wys!

  4. Ernst says:

    Lodie, ek is baie bly jy is so positief, want dan is die stryd halfpad gewonne. Ek gaan binnekort daar by jou verby ry op pad na Alldays, en sal graag wil stop om hello te se. Groete en rus lekker uit.

  5. Patti Govers-Tesch says:

    Hi Lodie, Yes it is a beautiful day, because it starts with you optimistic comments!
    Wishing you some real rest in the next time and looking forward to your blogstories! Love from Germany, Patti

  6. Sterkte Lodie, ek bid saam vir jou! As hierdie begin van die jaar malheid net so effentjies wil bedaar wil ek weer kom koffie drink daar by jou!

  7. Christine R-G says:


  8. ivi says:

    Dear Lodie! Good to hear you leaving Pretoria to go on with your wonderful and respectable way of loving – men, KLR, South Africa, nature, adventure – just life!
    Go on with it and we are looking forward to visit you with the four of us! Big kiss from Ivi, Det, Fin and Nele

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